Tuesday, June 12


Designed by Norwegian architects Jensen & Skodvin, Juvet is a nature retreat that blends seamlessly with its wild environment. It's a striking landscape hotel, featuring seven small wood cabins perched on a river bank and nestled amongst birch, aspen, pine and nature-sculpted boulders. Located outside the small town of Gudbrandsjuvet, Norway (approximately five hours drive north of Oslo), the hotel is positioned amid its main attraction - the pristine forest.

On first impression, the seven secluded cabins seem modest and unassuming. However, once you step foot inside, the outside landscape seems to be magnified through the outlook of large panoramic windows.
Each cabin features one or two floor-to-ceiling glass feature walls that frame the surrounding nature and are positioned in such a way that no rooms look onto another. The interior is kept quite simple, with a few pieces of designer furniture, a bright modern bathroom and a tucked-away bedroom area. The interior is also dark, to avoid taking attention away from the scenery, and each cabin has been uniquely constructed and furnished so that no two rooms are alike.

Link to Juvet hotel here, text from here. Sorry, didn't have the energy to write something on my own! Besides...this blog is more about the pictures . I leave the words up to you :)

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