Sunday, March 3

Short and sweet

I refuse to be sicker than I am, so I went on with my daily shores to soon. So the flue became a heavy pneumonia. Stupid me. Hopefully Ive learnt my lesson :) All is better now anyway! Hurray!

Monday, February 11

Valører og feber

Hate having the flue...Photos from Jojolete and Tumblr

Thursday, January 31

Tuesday, January 29

Joeri again Joeri or Flickr didn't want me to post that picture. So I'll show this instead. ;) See more of him here

Monday, January 14

Monday, January 7

Thursday, January 3


Life is not fair. Sometimes I wish for things to be black and white and not the grayscale's in between. On the other side, this might be the time to truly see what I have, and be more in tune with the present.

Friday, December 28

What do you wish for?

I wish for happiness and a long and healthy life.

Wednesday, December 26


Did you get any nice presents this year?

Wednesday, December 19

Friday, December 14

Saturday, December 8

Thursday, November 29

Wednesday, November 28


Warm lunch, cold dinner. Boring boring boring. No inspiration what so ever. I would've liked to have my dinner here. With good company and a light heart. 

Tuesday, November 27


Waiting for results. 

Friday, November 2


Cool tiles, cute boys with nice shoes, mist and good fruit is my kind of autumn
Photos from jojolete and imgfave

Sunday, October 14

Tuesday, October 2

16 shades of beach and an gentleman

I love to collect, tag and put things in order. 
First photo from Things organized neatly and second from Quote a Gentleman

Tuesday, September 25

Wednesday, September 19

Sunday, September 16

DIY sunday

Dipdye stockings. 

Wednesday, September 5


From Photosgraphein on tumblr

Tuesday, September 4

The magic numbers is the magic numbers. An end to the toughest year ever. Now a new road lies ahead. I hope the mist will clear soon, and that there will never be some kind of detour. Ever.

Photo from Imgfave.

Wednesday, August 22

Light and scars

Det som egentlig bare skal være positivt, kan også føles som et stort tomt rom.