Saturday, May 14

Mary Katrantzou

I thought I was going to do a collection about the seventies photographs of Guy Bourdin and Helmut Newton: all those women in incredible rooms. But then I started to look at the rooms more, and suddenly, I was putting the rooms on the women instead!” That explains the surreal genesis of Mary Katrantzou’s spring 2011 collection—all printed with images of lavish hotel and stateroom interiors—and embellished with interior-decorator braid, tassels, and fringe trimmings. She’d digitalized fragments of pages from vintage copies of Architectural Digest and The World of Interiors, amped up the color to hyperrealist level, and then started thinking about the possibilities of what she could do with curtains, chandeliers, wall sconces, and lampshades.                 
written by  Sarah Mover for

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